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Spider-Man Vs. Green Goblin & Deadpool By Chris Thornley & Dave Perillo!

Spider-Man Vs. Green Goblin By Chris Thornley (Raid71)
Deadpool By Dave Perillo 

Grey Matter Art under license from Marvel, is proud to present 2 new officially licensed, limited edition screen printed posters for two of everyone's favorite comic characters. One featuring Spider-Man Vs. The Green Goblin and the other, the world's greatest anti-hero, Deadpool. GMA have decided to team up with two of their favorite artists, Dave Perillo and Chris Thornley (Raid71) to continue both of their character series. Below are details regarding both posters and release date.
Spider-Man Vs Green Goblin 150/45.00

"Spider-Man Vs. Green Goblin"
Artist: Chris Thornley (Raid71)
Edition: 150/45.00 (10 Color Screen Print)
Printed By:VG Kids
Deadpool 150/40


Artist: Dave Perillo
Size: 12x24
Edition: 150/40.00 (4 Color Screen Print)
Printed By: D & L Screen Printing
This poster will be released on Thursday, April 14th on our website at 1:00 PM(est) 
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