Posted on July 01 2014

Hello everyone. Thank you to the ones that made it out to TromaDance, and purchased a poster, we appreciate the support.  It was definitely an experience, to say the least. I also wanted to update everyone on what to expect from us this summer. We have so many great projects in the works that we can't wait to show you. We have many more different artists we are working with, and they are doing some great things. We are going to announce our next poster release on Tuesday, July 08th with a release date of July 15th. This is going to show an artist who has been mainly known for his great Sci-fi work, delve into a more classic horror film title. And hopefully if all goes well, we can discuss our 4 artist series for a classic property soon. We hope you have enjoyed what we have done so far, and the next half of this year is going to be really something. For all updates, follow us on Twitter and Facebook. Also sign up for our newsletter for all future updates with GMA.   Talk Soon...    

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