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Official "Madman" Reunion Poster Release at Chiller Theatre!

Grey Matter Art under license from Screen Entertainment Enterprises Inc, is proud to present an official limited edition poster for the 80's slasher film "MADMAN" designed by artist, Nathan Thomas Milliner. We are so honored and excited to bring this MADMAN MARZ design to life! "Madman" will be limited to only 60 copies, and will be released for the reunion at the Chiller Theatre convention in Parsippany, NJ. GMA will be giving a unique opportunity to the fans of "Madman", to get this poster signed by Paul Ehlers aka Madman Marz himself! There will also be a very limited amount of these available for sale on our website, they will be an extra $20, and any additional cast members signatures will be $15. "Madman" will be going on sale in our shop page Thursday, October 22nd at 1PM (est). Also anyone who purchases on drop day will be entered to win a (1/1) Blood Spattered Variant! We will also be randomly inserting blood spattered stickers. Below are the details of the poster release:


Artist: Nathan Thomas Milliner
Size: 16x24 6 Color Screenprint (with Red Metallics)
Edition: 60/$35.00 Hand-Numbered
Printed By: VG Kids
"Madman" will be going on sale in our shop page Thursday, October 22nd at 1PM (est).
Also, we would like to announce our partnership with Cavitycolors, for our second limited edition t-shirt offering. The "Madman" shirt will be limited to only 150, and will never be reprinted. You can purchase one over at in their shop page. GMA would also like to give Aaron Crawford a special thank you for all his help in putting together this project. For all the information on Chiller Theatre and the "Madman" reunion, head over to
Here is what artist Nathan Thomas Milliner had to say about "Madman":
"This piece was originally created for one of Madman's biggest fans, Mr. Larry New.  Larry was gracious enough to share it with other Madman fans with this limited screen print.  Doing the poster also brought me into becoming friends with Madman Marz himself, Mr. Paul Ehlers who is a fantastic friend and talented artist himself.  This was a fun piece dedicated to a very fun slasher film.  They don't make them like this anymore."
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