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"Haxan: Witchcraft Through The Ages" by Timothy Pittides

"Haxan: Witchcraft Through The Ages"


Grey Matter Art is proud to present a new officially limited edition screen print for the classic 1922 silent horror film, "Haxan: Witchcraft Through The Ages" by artist Timothy Pittides. There are 2 separate editions for this poster, a Regular & Variant Edition. Below are details regarding the poster and release date:


Regular Edition/75

Variant Edition/35

Artist: Timothy Pittides
Size: 20x30 6 Color Screenprint
Regular Edition: 75/$40.00
Variant Edition: 35/$50.00
Printed by: VG Kids
This poster will be released Friday, February 26th on our website shop page at 1:00PM est.
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Here is what artist Timothy Pittides had to say about Haxan:
"Haxan is surreal, visually stunning and sticks with you like a demon sticks to pretty young woman's soul. This horror classic deserved some love and I was happy to give it some. I had three points I wanted to hit in the design. Vintage, sensual, and dark. I wanted to convey the sabbath scene as it basically sums up the entire film's purpose as well as the points I was trying to get across. The morbidly romantic side really stood out to me. I went to classic art of the middle ages, as well as the fanastic work of spanish painter, Luis Ricardo Falero for inspiration.
The demon designs are inspired from the middle age paintings of demons throughout europe. The one thing I love about those depictions is they used animals and nature and fuse them with angelic concepts to create frightening and unique visions. It really was the highlight for me to concept them. Mixing and match various animals to create something only Satan himself would ever conceive.
I honestly enjoyed working on this poster. I hope it comes through on the paper."

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