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"Opium" by Timothy Pittides

"Opium" by Timothy Pittides


Regular Edition/70 ($35.00)


Variant Edition/35 ($45.00)


GMA is proud to present the next poster in the Vices series and our final release of 2016, "Opium" by Timothy Pittides! We are so happy to release the 8th print in the Vices film poster series, and we hope you all like it as much as we do! The Vices poster series is based on the propaganda films from the early 20th century, and we think "Opium" fits in perfectly. We are excited to announce that "Opium" will be the first in a triptych like the original 3 Vices releases! These will be going on sale this Thursday, December 29th at 1PM (est) in our shop page. Below are details regarding the poster and release date:


Opium (Regular Edition)

Edition: 70/$35.00

Size: 18 x 24 - 5 color screenprint featuring Metallic Gold ink

Paper: French Packing Chip Kraft-Tone


Opium (Variant Edition)


Size:18 x 24 - 5 color screenprint featuring Metallic Silver & Gold inks

Paper: French Carbon Copy Kraft-Tone


This poster will be released Thusday, December 29th on our website shop page at 1:00PM est. at

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