About Us

What is Grey Matter Art?

Founded in New York in 2013, Grey Matter Art is a limited edition, studio licensed film and entertainment poster company with many new and exciting projects on the horizon. We aim to take an industry inspired by pop culture, and reinvent it using the techniques that other companies have made successful, but take them to a new level. Our goal here is to bring our unique brand of creativity to the marketplace for collector’s items such as licensed posters, apparel, and other great merchandise. We also plan to be a very active and open contributor to the community and want to include you (the fan) in this process and know that everyone will have a forum to have their voice heard. In the end, we hope to create something special for the collector not only to enjoy, but to look back on and have fond memories of. Understanding how special these pieces of art are to collectors, we will put the utmost care and professionalism into packaging and shipping your items.

Mike Gregory - Co/Founder; (Creative-Director)

Mike is an avid collector, talented musician, and contributor to the fan scene and is ultimately responsible for the formation of Grey Matter Art. Mike is well versed in gig & film posters and prides himself on being a huge fan of cinema, music, and popular culture. He is dedicated, hard-working individual and tireless in his efforts to ensure each project is handled properly.  He gets his experience from managing his family business for over 10 years. He wants nothing more than to see his biggest passions come to fruition and as creative director will be matching the right properties and artists together.

Jared Dobbs - Co/Founder; (Operations-Director)

Contrast and balance is where Jared enters the fold. He has been working in the media industry for 10 years and is knowledgeable in customer support and public relations. He brings a unique approach and vision that only a super passionate fan can have and is very excited to reach out and meet like minded people just like him. Being the operations director Jared hopes to bring his love for events such as movie screenings and conventions and share that excitement with everyone by integrating that with Grey Matter Art.

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