Grey Matter Art Black Friday Mystery Tube Sale!


GMA is excited to announce our annual Black Friday Mystery Tube Sale! Each tube is $80.00 and goes on sale this Friday, November 23rd at 1 PM (est and we will have a limited number available. In addition to our sold-out posters, we are also offering some rare and sold-out sets, test prints, and signed posters from creators and cast members, one of which will be included with every order. Below is a Q&A to answer any questions you may have.


  • Q. How many posters will I receive?
  • A. Each tube will come with 4 posters with each one containing either a set, a signed poster, a one of a kind test print, or a sold out poster from our shop page.
  • Q. If I purchase more than one, will I get doubles?
  • A. No. We will make sure not to put more than one of the same print in either tube and that goes for either a test print, signed print or sold out poster from our shop.
  • Q. Will there be a limited amount?
  • A. Yes, we only have a limited supply of these that we are going to have made up.
  • Q. Can I purchase more than 1 tube at a time?
  • A. Yes. However, you can only purchase 2 tubes per order. If you want more than 2, you will need to go through the checkout process again.
  • Q. How long will the sale last?
  • A. We will have the sale start on Black Friday, November 24th at 1:00 PM est. We only have a set amount, so they will sell out fast.
  • Q. When will the orders be shipped?
  • A. We will be shipping the tubes out by the week of 12/4, so you can have these in time for the holidays.
  • Q. Are all sales final?
  • A. Yes there will be no refunds, returns, or exchanges. Mystery Tubes will go on sale Friday, November 23rd 1:00 PM est. on our website shop page.

The Mystery Tubes go on sale this Friday, November 23rd at 1 PM (est) in the GMA Shop.

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